10 Amazing Things You Never Knew About Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an old city located in the arm of Adriatic Sea. It is transparent with it that Dubrovnik has no shortage of sea coasts to offer its tourists. Its international airport is well connected with flights, and you can reach Dubrovnik by United flights booking. Some lesser-known facts about the Dubrovnik will excite you more about booking United flights.

Things You Never Knew About Dubrovnik

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Instagrammable Views

It could not be challenging to take a beautiful picture when you are in Dubrovnik. The best way is to arrive in the city early in the morning or just before sunset if you want to capture some photos without a ton of other tourists in every frame. From there, the most famous paintings will be of Mount Srd from the cable car or gazing out over Stradun’s main street from above the walls.

Host of various wars

Dubrovnik has witness several wars and it would be quite interesting exploring all the historic destinations and war memorials.
A lack of local building materials forced the authorities to ask everybody entering the city from the direction of Gruz Harbour or Ploce Gate to carry a stone with them in 1464 during the construction of the Minceta Tower, one of the focal points of the city’s defences.


Dubrovnik placed a great deal of significance on shipbuilding, and they maintained the secrecy of their building techniques. They had make it unique by enclosing the shipbuilding facility behind sturdy brick walls. A wall was brought down to make way for a launch, and intruders were beaten back violently, but only after all the work was finished.

Shooting location of Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik is the same destination where the most popular show, Game of Thrones, was shot. Game of Thrones fans should never skip this location to get excellent pictures and to get familiar with shooting facts related to this place.

Longest operated pharmacy

The pharmacy that has been open for the longest is situated in Dubrovnik. The pharmacy was established in the year 1317. During that time, villagers were given herbal cures by monks. One of the oldest pharmacies in Europe is thought to be the Franciscan Monastery pharmacy. The pharmacy is situated between the arches of the monastery atrium and the baroque church.

Defence Structure

The walls were first constructed to provide the city with defence. It is clear that by the time the nation attained independence, the walls had fulfilled their intended function.
For many years, Dubrovnik’s city walls provided defence for the city.
The barriers performed as intended during the most recent shelling onslaught. The city was under siege for almost eight months before the Yugoslavian forces left.

Land of top World Heritage sites

UNESCO has included Croatia among the top ten World Heritage sites. Cultural sites have been identified within the city’s walls. The walls, however, were among the first three Croatian locations to receive this prestigious prize.
Although there are currently more than 1500 monuments on the UNESCO list, there is something extra special about Dubrovnik and the City Walls because they were among the first 100. The list includes historical sites other than merely the city walls.

Known As Ragusa

The city was first known as Ragusa, and its first residents were refugees from Epidaurum. The marine commerce in the region is responsible for the city’s economy. The city’s rise was significantly facilitated by its exact position. The abundance of historical landmarks the city offers to visitors, both domestic and foreign, has contributed to its growth.
The city of Dubrovnik has a rich history for the state. Additionally, the city has been ranked among the top 10 World Heritage Sites. The city’s walls are still recognized as cultural landmarks since they have withstood the test of time.

Unique things to take home?

You can eschew the shot glasses and key chains in favour of a more locally inspired memento in Dubrovnik. Get a bottle (or two) of your preferred Croatian wine, pick up a bag of lavender, or get a Sibenik button, which is frequently worn as jewellery.

Unique food to try here

A visit to Dubrovnik would not be complete without trying some of the most famous local cuisines. Get a dish of freshly caught mussels or oysters, enjoy a substantial dinner like Zelena menestra (green stew), stain your tongue momentarily with a plate of black risotto (made with squid ink), and don’t forget to reward yourself with a delicious rozata.

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