Getting Tested Downtown: A Guide to Sydney CBD’s Sexual Health Clinics


Taking charge of your sexual health is important. Getting tested regularly for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can help you take care of your health and prevent spreading infections to partners. If you live in or often visit Sydney’s central business district (CBD), you have convenient access to sexual health clinics right downtown. Read on for a guide to sexual health clinic Sydney CBD options, what tests they offer, and what to expect during a visit.

Finding a Sexual Health Clinic in Sydney CBD

There are several high-quality sexual health clinic Sydney CBD locations to choose from. Here are some top options to consider:

Sydney Sexual Health Centre

With two convenient locations in Sydney CBD on Albion Street and Fitzroy Street, the Sydney Sexual Health Centre offers comprehensive sexual health services. Tests available include:

  • HIV testing
  • Chlamydia and gonorrhea testing
  • Syphilis testing
  • Hepatitis B and C testing

Both locations provide sexual health clinic Sydney CBD services regardless of Medicare eligibility. Appointments aren’t necessary.

Kirketon Road Centre

The Kirketon Road Centre in Kings Cross offers free, confidential testing for HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and other sexually transmitted infections. Rapid HIV testing while you wait is available. Kirketon Road Centre also provides access to PrEP, the HIV prevention pill. Their sexual health clinic Sydney CBD services are open to everyone.

SLHD Sexual Health Clinic

Sydney Local Health District operates a sexual health clinic in Sydney CBD on Regent Street. It offers free STI testing, treatment, and education. Services are available to Medicare card holders and some international students. The clinic provides sexual health clinic Sydney CBD testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis B.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

Visiting a sexual health clinic Sydney CBD for the first time? Knowing what to expect can help ease any anxiety.

You’ll start by checking in at the front desk and providing your basic contact information. If you have any forms to fill out, complete those now.

When it’s time for your actual appointment, a nurse or doctor will bring you back to an exam room. They’ll ask some questions about your medical history, sexual history, and reason for coming in. Answer honestly so they can determine appropriate testing.

For most STIs, the clinician will use a urine test, blood test, swab, or combination. A urinalysis is the most common and convenient option. For infections like gonorrhea or chlamydia, they may take swabs of the cervix in women or the urethra in men. These STI tests are quick and painless.

After specimen collection, you’re all done! Results are often available within a few days to a week. The clinic will call you if there’s an infection that requires treatment. Otherwise, make an appointment to come back and go over results.

Discussing Your Sexual Health

Visiting a sexual health clinic Sydney CBD makes it easy to discuss intimate topics and get the care you need. The clinicians are specially trained to make you feel comfortable. They won’t judge you based on your sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship status, number of partners, or any other factors.

Be honest with the clinic staff about any symptoms you’ve noticed, as well as your recent sexual activity and partners. Sharing openly helps them know which tests are appropriate for you. If you’re unsure where to start, let them guide the discussion. They’re there to listen and help.

Understanding Your Test Results

Within a week or two of your appointment, the sexual health clinic Sydney CBD will notify you of your test results. What do the results mean?

A negative result means no STIs were detected from the sites sampled. However, infections can sometimes be missed, especially if you tested too soon after a sexual encounter. Retest if you develop symptoms or have new partners.

A positive result means an infection was detected. The clinic will have you come in to discuss treatment options. With antibiotics, STIs like chlamydia and gonorrhea can be cured. For lifelong infections like HIV and herpes, they’ll talk about medications to manage symptoms and prevent transmission.

An indeterminate result means the test couldn’t confirm if an infection is present. Retesting may be recommended.

Don’t hesitate to call the clinic with any questions about your test results. They’re happy to explain what the results mean for your health.

Protecting Yourself and Your Partners

Getting tested at a sexual health clinic Sydney CBD helps you take control of your health, whether your results are positive or negative.

  • If you test positive for an STI, follow your clinician’s recommended treatment plan carefully to cure the infection. Avoid sexual activity until treatment is complete. Notify recent partners about potential exposure.
  • If your results are negative, congratulate yourself for staying on top of your sexual health. Continue to get tested regularly according to your provider’s guidelines.
  • Regardless of your test results, keep protecting yourself with safer sex practices like using condoms, limiting partners, and communicating with partners about testing.

Taking advantage of sexual health clinic Sydney CBD services benefits both you and your community. Don’t wait – schedule your appointment today!


Visiting a sexual health clinic Sydney  makes taking charge of your sexual health easy and convenient. You have your pick of high-quality clinics downtown that offer comprehensive STI testing, treatment, and counseling services. The expert staff is compassionate, sex-positive, and dedicated to helping you stay healthy. Get tested regularly and treat any infections quickly to protect your own wellbeing as well as that of your sexual partners. Don’t take needless risks – book your next sexual health clinic Sydney  appointment now and make sexual wellness a priority.

FAQs About Sexual Health Clinics Sydney CBD

Do I need an appointment for sexual health clinic Sydney services?

Most Sydney CBD clinics accept walk-ins for testing. However, booking an appointment guarantees you a spot and means less waiting. Call ahead or check the clinic website to see if appointments are required or recommended.

Do I have to pay for testing at a sexual health clinic Sydney ?

Many sexual health clinics in the Sydney CBD offer free or low-cost services, even if you don’t have Medicare. Ask about costs when booking so you know what to expect.

What if I test positive for an STI at a sexual health clinic Sydney CBD?

The clinic will discuss treatment options and provide medication if appropriate. They’ll counsel you on notifying partners, avoiding sex until treatment is complete, and reducing transmission risks going forward. Don’t hesitate to ask any follow-up questions.


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