How to Draw A Flamingo Easily

How to Draw A Flamingo. Flamingos are among the most colorful and beautiful birds in the world. They’re guaranteed to turn heads with their long, lean legs, bright pink color, and large, pointed beaks!

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These amazing birds are found in countries worldwide and are always a sight to behold.

Due to their unique appearance, they are often featured in works of art such as paintings and drawings and are now considered a symbol of tropical paradise and adventure.

If you’re looking to create your flamingo artwork, you’ve come to the right place!

With this step-by-step guide to drawing a flamingo in just 9 steps, you can create your beautiful flamingo artwork!

How to Draw A Flamingo

Step 1

In this first step of our guide on how to draw a flamingo, we’ll start with the beak. You can draw something out of it that looks like a boomerang with only a flat end at the top.

You’re good to go once you’ve drawn the beak to resemble our reference image!

Step 2

This second part of drawing your flamingo is a pretty easy step!

Now draw the flamingo’s mouth. To do this, you can draw a curved line in the beak. As simple as that!

Step 3

Using the beak you drew, we will now add the outline of the head and an eye in this step of our how-to draw a flamingo.

You can draw a curved line from the end of the beak for the head. So, it’s as easy as drawing a circle with a dot to the eye.

So you have the head for your flamingo drawing!

Step 4

We already mentioned that a flamingo’s long neck is a distinctive feature of this beautiful bird, so we better add one to your flamingo drawing!

Since the lines start just below the beak and go down to the back of the head, draw two curved lines going down from the head.

Eventually, there will be a gap between the lines, but we’ll add the body to this area in the following steps.

Step 5

A bird needs wings to be a real bird. That is why we draw wings in the fifth step of this guide on how to draw a flamingo.

The wing is a simple curved line, as in our reference image. The flamingo’s curve is longer in the front and much shorter in the back.

Step 6

Before moving on to the iconic flamingo legs, let’s draw the rest of the body for your flamingo drawing.

This curves from the base of the neck, arching and then falling, ending in a pointed tail. It then curves again and connects to the wing from the previous step.

Step 7

In this part of our guide to drawing a flamingo, it’s finally time to add those distinctive flamingo paws!

This flamingo will strike the classic flamingo pose in which it is often seen. For the leg closest to us, the front line runs straight down.

The other side of the leg will do as well, but there will be a small bump at the knee near the middle.

The leg furthest from us will also be skinny. However, it will be angled so that the arched foot is slightly above the water.

Speaking of water, you can draw it in a straight line under your legs.

Step 8

This eighth step of your flamingo drawing is to add some final details before proceeding. First, you can draw many small curved lines on the flamingo’s body for feather-like details.

Finally, add some straight lines along the legs for a leather-like detail.

Step 9

You’ve reached the last step of this tutorial on how to draw a flamingo, and now it’s time to color!

Flamingos have a signature pink color scheme, and while there are many ways to give them a pretty look, you can also take a more stylized approach by using your favorite colors.

Once you know what colors you want to use, experiment with different artistic mediums.

If you primarily use a particular artistic medium, why not try one you’re unfamiliar with?

There are options like watercolor and colored pencils for a more muted look, while acrylics and colored pencils allow you to create bold color variations.

Whatever you choose will look great, so have fun experimenting!

Your Flamingo Drawing is Finished!

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