How to Find a Lost Bike Insurance policy?

Bike Insurance Policy

According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, every two-wheeler operating on Indian highways must be insured. Traffic cops or motor department employees will fine you Rs.2,000 if they catch you driving without insurance under the new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2016. You should immediately follow these steps if you lose or misplace Bike insurance online-related documents:

  • You should file an FIR with your local police department.
  • Your insurance company should receive an attested copy of the FIR.
  • Obtain a duplicate copy of the insurance policy.
  • If necessary, place an advertisement in the local newspaper.
  • Ensure your insurer is repaid by a bond.

Duplicate two-wheeler insurance application steps:

Online bike insurance policies contain the insurance information for the covered vehicle. If your car is damaged or lost in an accident or calamity, this is the primary document you must present. Your insurance company won’t accept your claim unless you have the paperwork. The best solution is to apply for a duplicate insurance policy if you cannot find your online bike insurance policy documents:

To obtain a copy of your insurance policy documents as soon as possible, follow these steps:

  • The first step is to file a police report
  • Reissue of insurance certificate requires written application to insurer
  • The third step is to publish the following in your local newspaper:
  1. The name holder of the policy
  2. Insurance policy number
  3. Insurance company name
  4. Two-wheeler registration number
  • The fourth step is to send your insurer an indemnity bond on non-judicial stamp paper

An FIR should be filed:

You must first file a First Information Report (FIR) with the nearest police station about the loss of the documents. If you’ve lost your two-wheeler insurance papers, report the loss to the nearest police station. If there are any add-ons or riders on your bike insurance online policy, please list them clearly along with the policy number, type of policy (third-party liability or comprehensive policy), and your policy number.

To get a copy of your FIR, you need to apply for one at the police station. Provide your insurance company with the attested copy as proof that the documents are missing and you have reported the loss. When submitting the documents to your insurer, ensure you attach the FIR application with a copy.

Application submission:

In the next step, you’ll need to get a copy of your Bike insurance online policy. Obtain duplicate two-wheeler insurance coverage by submitting a written application to your insurance carrier. On your application, you should include all pertinent information about your insurance, such as the name of the policyholder, the policy number, the date the policy was issued, and the type of coverage you are seeking. As well as describing the circumstances surrounding the loss, you should also explain how the insurance policy was lost.

Your application must be signed and submitted together with the other insurance policyholder. To obtain a copy of your two-wheeler insurance papers, you will also need to submit a copy of your FIR.


The law requires you to publish an advertisement in a popular local newspaper when your two-wheeler insurance papers are lost. While publishing the advertisement, make sure to include the following information:

  1. The name holder of the policy
  2. Insurance policy number
  3. Insurance company name
  4. Two-wheeler registration number

You should bear all the costs associated with publishing the advertisement. The insurance company requires a copy of the published advertisement after it is published.

Indemnity Bonds

You will also need to send your insurance company a signed indemnity bond on non-judicial stamp paper. Upon signing the bond, you need to request a duplicate policy document by making a legal and formal request and declaring that in the event of a claim made against you or your nominee, you will indemnify the company. A joint policy indemnity bond must include your full name and the other policyholder’s name, as well as the policy number. A notary must certify the bond and two witnesses must witness its signing, who may not be the policyholder’s family members. Obtaining an indemnity bond requires payment of a fee as well as a stamp fee. When you sign the bond, the insurer may also ask you to provide proof of your financial status so that they can verify your ability to compensate. The insurance company will investigate and verify the matter once you have successfully filed the application. The insurer will issue you a duplicate copy of your two-wheeler insurance policy after verifying your application.

Quick steps to obtain duplicate insurance papers:

  • Immediately call your insurance agent if your two-wheeler insurance was purchased from a broker, then inform the broker about the loss. There is a possibility that your insurance papers are on file with the insurance agent. Ask for a PDF copy of the paper if he/she has it sent to you.
  • Contact your insurance company’s customer service department:? Email the customer support email ID if your insurance company has an email support system. Be sure to include your registered mobile number and e-mail address. It may be possible for the details of your insurance policy to be shared via mail, if the company policy of your insurer permits it.
  • You may be able to download a copy of your policy from your insurance company if it offers online renewal. Online policy papers can be downloaded if it does. Log into your account and download them.

Contact square insurance and request duplicate two-wheeler policy papers if none of the above methods work for you. The issuance of duplicate policy papers may be subject to a nominal fee.


What is the process for downloading a lost insurance copy of my bike?

You can get a copy of your bike insurance by visiting the website or calling the toll free number. You can also download an insurance policy by entering basic details on the insurance company’s website.

Can I use a photocopy of my bike insurance policy?

Yes, this is the correct answer. If your bike’s documents are digitally stored in government-approved applications, then the soft copy is 100 percent valid.


Is it possible to download an insurance copy online?

A copy of the insurance policy can be downloaded from the online portal or obtained by calling. By entering the essential details related to the insurance policy, the insurance policy can also be downloaded from the website of the insurance company.

If I lose my policy document, what happens?

Your insurer should be notified immediately. If you have suffered a loss, you should visit the nearest branch of your insurer and speak with the concerned authorities. The following details must be included in your application: Your full name, Policy number and other details.

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