LED Strip Light Vendors: Large Companies vs Prices



This market has been steadily advancing over the course of several years, specifically when it comes to LED strip lights. LED strip lighting is thus getting more popular with consumers and businesses as they offer an energy efficient and sleek lighting solution with tremendous versatility in terms of application and as more consumers and businesses demand LED strip lighting, there has been an equal demand from vendors for these lights.


As a consumer or a business entity in need of LED strip lighting, there are critical aspects that need to be considered while selecting the supplier; these aspects include quality, performance, customer service, and the cost of the products. This article provides a breakdown and evaluation of the major LED Strip Lights suppliers against various price points available in market.


Top LED Strip Light Manufacturers



In the present day, Philips is one of the leading players in the lighting market and manufactures a range of highly efficient LED strip lights and controllers. Their products are new and revolutionary in terms of lighting technology and their efficiency. The flexible strip lights of Philips LED are created using superior Philips LED chips that provide the advantage of high brightness and even light diffusion.

Their products’ coverage spans across the home and even the commercial markets. Compared to the strip lights of other companies, Philips strip lights costs relatively higher but the quality and the guarantee that came with the product is good enough to make many users to go for it.




Another competitor in the lighting industry is Osram and their LED strips lights use the company’s sophisticated LED technology like their Duris E5 chip technology to provide solutions for lighting needs. Products have high efficiency and durability due to long lamp’s service life that ranges between 40,000 to 50,000 operating hours. Osram offers an extensive range.

LED strips for various applications such as accent and cove lighting, and industrial building lighting. It caters to the end consumer as well as other businesses. Like Philips, their Osram products are relatively expensive than other ordinary bulbs but they are durable and use less energy as compared to other bulbs in the market.


GE Lighting


LEDS for Consumers & Businesses: GE Lighting has a broad portfolio of LED strip lighting solutions. They offer a broad range of products that range from bajo outputFlexible LED tape lights for under the cabinet lighting to bajo output for retail display lighting.


The strip lighting manufactured uses the technology owned by GE to ensure that it is bright, efficient and highly reliable. It is slightly more expensive than the other products in this category but GE lighting did not disappoint in terms of quality, light output, color rendering or its ability to last long.  



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Pricing Options for LED Strip Lights


Given the LED strip light market, buyers have a range of price offerings in relation to quality and their respective needs of the application. Besides the selected lighting brands, there are numerous options within the economy and mid-range market segments.


Premium Brands  


As analyzed earlier the brands such as Philips, Osram and GE Lighting are considered as the premium segment brands that use the high quality and advanced technologies integrating in the products but the products is more expensive due to high R&D costs and rigorous quality control checks. It also has their products and they also come with longer warranties up to 10 years.

Although the initial cost of these types of lamps is somewhat higher, in the long term there is a definite saving in terms of energy consumption and the need for replacement in the future.


Economical Brands 


Conventional brands are brands LED Strip Lights suppliers that are most affordable and give the lowest prices of LED strip lights to consumers. These budget LED strip lights acquire their materials and components at a lower price compared to the branded ones and have little or no investment on research and development. They are ideal where the use of light is occasional or ornamental such as in cases where it is used to create a certain mood.

Nonetheless they offer inferior LED Strip Lights suppliers performance in terms of luminosity, chromaticity, and durability and trustworthiness compared to the higher end products. People need to be very cautious in reviewing the specifications when they are contrasting the cheap strip lights.


Mid-Range Options


Between the two extremes of the high-end big brands and the low-end economy suppliers are the mid-range suppliers, which are higher in price but of relatively better quality. These products share premium materials and technology, but costs are well controlled through effective RD and sales channels. It is possible to find mid-range LED strip light vendors that can feature specifications and performance that might be similar to the high-end ranges, although at a lower cost LED Strip Lights suppliers.

Mid-range LED strips can be compared using certain limiting factors such as LED chip technology, lumens per foot, CRI, beam angle and estimated lifetime.


Final Considerations


Whether one needs to set up a romantic and dimly lit bedroom or light up a commercial establishment, careful decision making when it comes to strip lights, light output, beam angle, color quality and estimated life expectancy safeguards the investment in LED.


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