Signs of Bad Family Therapy– Do You Need A New Therapist?

Family therapy can help fix broken or faulty bonds and make people realize each other’s importance. However, while good therapy can do wonders, bad therapy can do equal amounts of damage. Many families seek bad therapy, do not experience any improvement, and then label counseling as a useless thing, which is not true at all.

First, it is important to look for a good therapist with a work experience of at least a decade and tons of good reviews. Secondly, one must learn to recognize the signs of bad therapy before one wastes a significant amount of time and money. If you are looking for quality therapy, schedule a meeting with Oklahoma City family counseling.

Signs of bad family therapy

1. The connection is missing.

The most important thing in determining whether the therapist is qualified is connection. If there is no strong connection between the therapist and the client, there are fewer chances of success. The therapist should be able to build a sense of trust in you from the very first day. It is time for a change if you do not feel a connection.

2. No improvement.

You won’t see any major or even minor changes in your life after the first therapy session. Your family may need to visit the therapist for several months before they can fully solve all of their internal conflicts and other issues. However, if it has been a significant amount of time since you started therapy and you come out of the session feeling worse than before, you might need a new therapist.

3. Lack of boundaries.

Professional therapists should be wary of their boundaries and not cross them. There is a certain client-professional relationship that must be maintained at all times. It is a bad sign if your counselor treats you more like a friend and tends to forget that you are a client. They may start talking about their own lives in the middle of a session. Or, they may ask too many irrelevant questions about your sex life.

4. Distractions.

You need a therapist if your counselor seems to have trouble directing their attention and focus on you and only you. They may keep their phones during the sessions and take calls and text messages too often. It may sometimes seem like they are not listening to you and thinking about their own problems. They may feel sleepy and not catch every detail you tell them. This is not only rude but unprofessional.


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